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Customer Support State of Profession 2016

A report on challenges facing professionals in the customer support industry.

Ever wondered if customer support professionals are happy with their jobs?

If they feel appreciated by the companies they work for?

How much they get paid?

We surveyed a cross section of customer support professionals, from Agents to VPs, and asked them!

Find out the answers to these questions and more in our 30-page Customer Support State of the Profession Report 2016.

Discover the biggest challenges that support professionals face, and what is shaping the future of the profession. 

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What readers are saying about the report:

"I welcome this report. Having witnessed changes over 17 years in customer support the theme of decreasing head count versus increasing workload has taken the workforce into overload. The problem comes from unrealistic expectations and a lack of genuine concern for people's well being in an environment where profit is the only king." - Customer Support Manager

"Very insightful! Equally amazed by the report. May not have touched this part of the world but I can relate with every aspect of it." - Customer Service Executive 

"Absolutely! With those stats its easy to see where managers (should..) be spending a large % of time. Thanks for sharing an interesting read."  - Account Care Manager

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